Fitness Update

Hey guys! Prepare for a long rambly post, cause it’s coming your way! Today I wanted to talk about my health and fitness, a little bit about my history, where I’m at now and how I want to continue to grow. As you’ve noticed “health” is a part of my blog’s title and domain, but…

Top 5 in June

I know it’s a little bit late for a June favorites, but I haven’t done one of these before and I’ve decided to start doing them. However I’ve decided to limit them to 5 things a month because I feel it takes away a bit of a pressure to find loads of products every month….

Summer sensations

Sounds, smells, sights, tastes and feels that are summer to me. Until next time, Margrét

Top 5 healthy breakfasts

Finally, finally I’m getting this post up. I’ve been planning it for ages. Planning out my breakfasts out so that I could take photos and then when the mornings come, being lazy and having cereal or toast. But I managed it. Finally. Breakfast is (say it with me) the most important meal of the day….

New year – new place – new start

Ah so here it is. 2015. And I’ll be honest I’m going the cliché route. “New year, new me”. (Let’s ignore for a moment that it’s already the 12th of January). The thing about change is that it isn’t easy. And for most people it’s hard to just stand up one day and say “well…