My Apartment: Christmas Decorations

Hey guys!
Can you believe Christmas eve is tomorrow?

I’ve had an eventful day getting the apartment nice and tidy for Christmas and out and about getting all the last minute stuff ready. In my family it’s always been tradition to not decorate too heavily and to not put up the Christmas tree until 1 or 2 days before Christmas and so that’s what I’ve done today and I thought I’d share with you the cozy little Christmas touches we’ve added to our apartment.


On the living room table I’ve got this cute little setting. Simple and elegant, the two little tealight holders came as a “Christmas gift” with the cat food we bought today which was such a nice surprise. Then I just placed some red bead decoration string stuff around a vanilla candle on a little dish from Ikea.


On our desks I don’t have a whole lot. I created this cute little decoration by stuffing some festive stuff into an old candle jar I cleaned out. Then on Alex’s desk we have our advent calendar and in front of it I’ve placed an adorable little pillow that, if I’m not mistaken, Alex made when he was younger.


Living room window – warm toned multicolored fairy lights (and a reflection of me).


Our Christmas tree! It’s a fake tree and actually a corner tree which we didn’t realise until after we bought it but it doesn’t matter, it still looks cute. Alex’s mom has lent us some tree decorations – these amazing beaded ones are ones his grandmother used to make – and we’ve got cool toned multicolor lights on the tree.


These are the “hallway” (we don’t really have a hallway in our tiny apartment but this is the space where you come into the apartment and houses nothing but shoes and a bookcase we use for our outerwear) decorations. On one of the bookcase’s shelfs I keep some family photos and there I’ve put these two Christmas cards and laid down some pine, pine cones and red bead string thing. So simple but looks so good.
Then we have my two wall decorations from my earlier DIY post.


In the bathroom I don’t have a lot. Only a bunch of tealights and this adorable little hand towel.


And finally the only thing we’ve done in the bedroom is put some fairy lights in the window.

Our little apartment feels so super festive now and I’m so excited for Christmas to come.

What’s your favorite piece of festive decor?

Until next time,


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