Christmas Cookies

Hey guys!

It’s the 22nd of December already can you believe it??? I’ve spent this afternoon doing my Christmas baking (and not a minute too soon). This year I’m doing three types of cookies, one of them has been my favorite Christmas cookie for as long as I can remember, it really isn’t Christmas with out it. The other two are new experiments.



These are pretty much the taste of Christmas to me. My family has been doing them forever and we call them “Sigrún’s cookies”. They’re oat-coconut cookies and they’re amazing and so simple.

What you’ll need
100gr butter
300ml oats
150ml sugar
125ml coconut shavings
1tsp baking powder
1tbsp plain flower
1 egg

Heat your oven to a 190° Celsius. Melt the butter and mix it with the oats. Then blend in the rest of your ingredients.
With teaspoons form tiny little dollops on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, it’s important that they’re not too big. Put them in the oven for 5-10 minutes or until they look nice and golden. Be careful cause the can burn quite easily. Leave the cookies to cool.
Melt chocolate of your choice, I use milk chocolate (and quite a lot of it heh). Then using a spoon pour a bit of chocolate onto the middle of the cookies. Leave them to set. Enjoy and try not to devour them all in one.


The other cookies I made were these Oreo chocolate chip cookies and these triple chocolate cookies.
They’re all so good and it’ll be a challenge not to finish them all before Christmas!

What are your favorite cookies which just need to make every year? I’d love to try some new ones.

Until next time,


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