DIY Holiday Decorations

Hey guys!

The Christmas prep continues and besides tidying the apartment and laying on the couch (very important Christmas prep) today I’ve also been playing a bit with the pine branches and pinecones I collected the other day


These are so festive and most of the time you can just go outside into the garden and pick some for free, though most craft stores have some if you’d rather have fake ones in your house.
If you do pick them from outside make sure you shake them a bit outside first and maybe hit them against your house a bit to try to shake off most of the living creatures you might not want inside.

The best thing about this is that it requires almost no work to make your place look festive. All it takes is to lay some branches on some sort of surface, a shelf or a desk for example, maybe lay down some fairy lights intertwined and BAM instant Christmas.

In addition to that I wanted to do something that took a little bit more work. Here I’ve collected a couple of branches and stuck them together at the base to create a sort of bouquet of pine. I recommend some sort of glue for example a hot glue gun but I only had tape, sellotape and double sided, and it’s a bit flimsy. Then I stuck a couple of pinecones on close to the base, tied a blue glitter ribbon around the base and hung it on the wall.




I also created little “pine antlers”. Very cute and so simple.
You just have to take two pine branches and stick them together so they face away from each other. Then just stick some pine cone ears on there and hang it up.



I hope these ideas gave you some decoration inspiration! Tell me what your favorite DIY decorations you’ve created around this time of year, I’d love some more inspiration.

Until next time,


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