Christmas wishlist / Gift guide

Hey everyone! I’m back!
School’s officially out for Christmas holidays, I just turned in my final assignments and I’m SO EXCITED for a nice cozy Christmas holiday! This year Alex and I decided to stay on our own and hold our very own Christmas for the first time and it’s going to be so cozy and nice. I’ve been holding out on getting too Christmasy until I was done with school, but now I’m going to go crazy! Decorating and baking and general festiveness all coming your way in the next few weeks, I hope you’re as excited as I am. In fact I’m going to bake a batch of my absolutely most favorite cookies later to celebrate the start of the festive period, but to start the party on the blog I’ve put together a little wishlist/giftguide hybrid to share with you. I know I’m a little bit late on the giftguide wagon, but I know there are more late shoppers out there. And let’s be real the 11th of December isn’t THAT late, is it?


These are all things that I would really like, but some of them are more specific and some are more general ideas and if you see something you like I’ve included some links to where to buy them. I’d also just like to put it out there that I don’t actually expect any of this for Christmas. These are just some nice things and a lot of them I’ll probably end up purchasing myself.

  1. FRENDS headphones (here). These are very pretty and apparently very good too. They make them in loads and loads of lovely designs and the great thing is that you can buy the covers separately and change them out if you get bored easily.
  2. Calvin Klein underwear set (hér)(here). These have been so popular and they’re so pretty (not to mention stylish). They also have pajama pants out now which are reportedly super comfy. Great gift for a partner.
  3. Mary Lou Manizer/The Manizer Sisters (hér)/(hér) (here). I might die I want to try the Mary Lou Manizer so bad. So talked about and so many people agree that it’s one of the best highlighters for fair skin. Another option is to get the set of the three Manizer’s which has a mini Mary Lou, Betty Lou and Cindy Lou, great way to try them all.
  4. First Aid Beauty gift set (hér)(here). First Aid Beauty is a great and affordable skincare brand and they do a good selection of gift sets. I’d love some of these products and I think gift sets are such a good way to get introduced to a brand.
  5. Clarisonic Mia 2 (hér)(here). The famous skin cleansing brush. Great gift for anyone who likes to make sure their skin is nice and clean.
  6. Facepaint by Lisa Eldridge (here). The history of makeup by a certified makeup queen. What more could a makeup addict want. Besides, it’s a really pretty book, nice for displaying on your coffee-table.
  7. Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland (here). Louise runs the youtube channel SprinkleofGlitter and she’s one of my favorites. Super real, hilarious and gorgeous, not to mention so nice. I’ve been lusting after her book since it came out and what better time than Christmas to get it?
  8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Illustrated Edition illustrated by Jim Kay (here). I’m sure it’s no surprise that this is on my wishlist. Man oh man. It’s so PRETTY. In the future when I’ve got a steady income and hopefully a steady place to call home I plan on becoming a collector of the different versions of Harry Potter but I don’t think I can wait that long for this one. If you wan’t to fall in love with it as I have done I highly recommend this 5 minute film about the making of this book.
  9. Colorful Morphe Brushes eyeshadow palettes (hér)(here). Morphe Brushes do great cheap eyeshadow palettes. Both their famous 35 shade palettes and now new 12 shade palettes. I already have the 35W which is full of gorgeous mostly neutral warm shades and I highly recommend it. Right now I’m lusting after some wild colorful eyeshadows and Morphe is on the top of the list. Only trouble is how to choose! But all the Morphe palettes make amazing gifts for anyone who’s into makeup.
  10. Black Opium by YSL (hér)(here). A scent I think I might need in my life. It’s rock and roll just like me (HAH!) and smells gorgeous. I recommend you at least go give it a sniff.
  11. Nike Free 5.0 (here). These are quite famous and have been popular for a while. Comfy, stylish, available in a multitude of colors and patterns and types. Something for anyone, and who doesn’t love comfy shoewear?
  12. Nice smelling candles. I always think that nice smelling candles are a great gift. I’ve depicted one from Voluspa (hér)/(hér)(here) but those are quite high end and I’m honestly so happy with any candle. I love burning them it’s both cozy and makes the apartment smell nice.
  13. Bold Metals Collection Essentials by Real Techniques (Hagkaup)(here). Ever since Real Techniques released their special Bold Metals line I’ve wanted to try the brushes from it so bad! More expensive and luxurious than the regular Real Techniques brushes these are apparently well worth the price gap. Super soft and even better made. And their still not super expensive. This collection is a great way to get introduced to the Bold Metals line and I want it very bad.


So those are all the items on my list so far, I’m sure I’ll keep thinking of more stuff all the way until Christmas (or all the time ever let’s be honest). And of course I always love to receive nice things for my apartment, board games and other fun stuff, clothes and anything really.

I hope this list gave you some inspiration let me know what’s on the top of your list this year, or your favorite gift you’ve bought someone so far.

Until next time,



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