My Halloween costume in pictures

Hey guys! Happy November (can you believe it?)

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween if you celebrated it at all, otherwise I hope you had a happy weekend!

I went to a Halloween party on the night of and had loads of fun and thought I’d share my costume with you. You know.. If you need ideas for next year.

I went as a young Sirius Black, though I didn’t keep him entirely canon, and added some elements to him to make it more obvious that it was him, not just a black haired, eyebrow happy, random Gryffindor student.

First of all I added some tattoos. A paw print as a nod to his a images form, M – W – P – P stands for Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs which were the Marauders nicknames in school, the cycles of the moon as a nod to the adventures the friends had and Jamais Pur which is possibly a very bad translation it was a Google translate translation but as the black family motto is “toujours pur” which means “always pure” I thought sirius black might like to have the opposite tattooed on his body. So according to Google translate Jamais Pur means never pure.


Then was makeup time:
First I just put on primer and a long lasting foundation and concealer to make my skin look nice, then:



Super intense contouring. I literally just took a bunch of brown eyeshadow and blended it out.


Then I added a smudgy smokey eye with purples and blacks very smudged and messy and put a little bit of concealer on my lips to tone down the redness, but that wore off after a tiny bit.


That’s the finished result! The finishing touches were black hairspray, pulling my hair into a half up half down “man bun inspired” hairstyle.
The clothes are a dress shirt of my boyfriend’s which is big enough that I could wear it with only tights and high healed boots, my gryffindor tie, my made out of curtains cloak and my wand.

A rather quick and easy costume which was a lot of fun!

Did you do something to celebrate Halloween? What did you dress up as? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


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