How I deep clean my makeup brushes

Hey guys!

Welcome to the first part of my two part brush series: How to clean your brushes. Coming up is part two all about my brush collection and how I use each brush, so stay tuned.

Now, before we start there are a couple of rules relating to brush washing.

  1. You should deep clean your brushes frequently.
    Even if you do own a disinfecting spot cleanser you need to deep clean your brushes every once in a while. How often of course does depend on how much you’re using your brushes. I’d recommend washing them once a week, however I do not take my own advise. I tend to wash my brushes every 2-3 weeks, depending on how much I use them and sometimes I wash the ones I use the most in between if I feel they need it.
    The reason we want to wash our brushes is that we use them on our face (often every day) and bacteria will start building up inside them, which can make your skin dirty and can cause breakouts. This is the same reason why we should switch out our towels and pillowcases frequently as well, you always want to be careful and clean when dealing with your face.
  2. Never ever ever use hot water when washing your brushes.
    The hot water will dissolve the glue that holds the bristles together causing your brush to start shedding or even to fall apart entirely. Keep your water as cold as you can manage without freezing your fingers off.
  3. Always keep your brush bristles facing downwards when washing and drying your brushes.
    This is for the same reason as the last rule. Any water that leaks up the shaft can cause dampness inside the brush which will start to dissolve the glue. Make sure that no water gets up there.
    This is also why you should not keep your brushes in the bathroom or any other damp place. It will shorten the longevity of your brushes.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get started!

Step one: Set up your “battle station”
Gather your materials. You will need:

  1. There are many deep cleansing soaps made by brush and makeup companies which are of course great, but they can be expensive. You can just as easily use a mild baby shampoo (alternatively a mild dishwashing soap, but I prefer baby shampoo)
  2. (optional) Conditioner
  3. Your dirty brushes
    bursta hópmynd
  4. A towel of some sort to lay them to dry on (notice how I’ve rolled up the end, this is so they can lay at an incline while they dry so no water will get inside the shaft)

Keep in mind that this can be a boring and mindless chore, especially if you have a lot of brushes, so I recommend bringing along some kind of entertainment. I like to catch up on my Sunday youtube while I wash my brushes.

Step two: Wet your brush
Remember to keep your water as cold as possible and keep the brush facing downwards.
(also please ignore how dreadfully awkward these pictures look, doing this one handed was harder than anticipated).

  • bleyta bursta

Step three: lather your brush in shampoo

  • Pour some shampoo in your palm and swivel the wet brush around in it.
    sjampó í lófa sjampóa bursta
  • You should start seeing your makeup product leaking out of the brush.
    meik á vaski

Step four: Wash the shampoo out of the brush

  • Bring your brush and hand and just keep swiveling it around under the water. Keep doing this until you see only clear water coming from the brush. Keep in mind that with some denser brushes you may not have gotten all the makeup out in your first try, so just add more shampoo and wash it again.
    Make sure to wash all the shampoo out of the brush.
    skola bursta

Step five (optional): Condition your brush
I like to condition my brushes to keep them extra soft. For this you just repeat steps 3&4 with conditioner instead of shampoo. Again be sure to wash all the conditioner out of the brush.

Step six: Lay out your brushes to dry
When you’ve washed your brush thoroughly, squeeze out the excess water and reshape your brush to the correct shape. This way it should return to perfect condition when dried. Lay your brushes on a towel and make sure to have them laying on a slight incline. If you have any way to hang your brushes upside down you can also do that. Just make sure that no water is getting inside the brush and that they’re drying in a dry place, and not a damp one like your bathroom. Drying your brushes can take a lot of time, so I like to lay them out to dry overnight.

  • burstar að þorna

That’s it! Though it does seem like a daunting task and I am guilty of putting it off for ages, it really is like any other chore. Important and not as bad as you built it up in your head before starting.

Happy cleaning!

Until next time,


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  1. sharlein29 says:

    Thanks ! Defintly need to give my brushes a clean

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