September Favorites

Hi guys!

Time for another top 5, this time of September.

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September is definitely not one of my favorite months. It’s sort of that one in-between month, between summer and the holiday season. BUT it does mark the start of autumn which means it’s not all bad. And now it’s October, which is A+++.

Let’s find out what I was loving this month.

  1. The Body Shop lipstick in 335

    I have been wearing this lipstick almost every day this month. No exaggeration. It’s a very very nice fall color, it’s a sort of mauve-berry-nude and it’s so easy to wear for every day whilst still giving that autumn classic darker lip. And The Body Shop lipstick formulas are so good.
  2. Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Bronze
    This is a cream eye shadow in a great warm bronze color. I’ve been using this a bunch, both as a base for my palette colors, or just on it’s own as a wash of color and I love this. It’s super creamy and blends so easily and dries beautifully I just love it.
  3. Maybelline The Nudes palette
    Ok, you guys should be so bored of me talking about this by now, but guys, it’s just so nice and I’ve been using it a bunch. Most of them are very good quality eye shadows for the price and they’re great colors for the fall time. Getting loads of use out of this. (Of course I managed to drop it, but thankfully I only smashed one color in the mean time, and it was one of my least used ones).
  4. Woolen socks
    Can we talk about these adorable socks? They’re big and fluffy and warm and pretty and in fall colors and mismatching. What more do you want from socks? Not to mention that my grandma made me them which makes them a real all time favorite. But I’ve been wearing them lots and lots lately.
  5. Gray T-Shirt dress
    tshirt dress
    This is probably my least expected favorite, but I’ve been wearing it non-stop. It’s the plainest gray T-Shirt dress you could find. I can’t even tell you if it’s meant to be worn as a T-Shirt dress or where it’s from or anything. I got it out of one of my mom’s old clothing boxes and it’s one of the very few items I kept but I’ve never really worn it until now. This is one of the times I thank my hoarding habits, because I probably should’ve thrown this out ages ago for the lack of use it was getting. However I am glad I did not because I’m absolutely loving it right now. Such a good staple piece.

Well these were my cheeky little favorites in September, tell me in the comments what things you’ve been loving lately, I’d love to hear!

Until next time,


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