Early autumn blog

Hey, look, I’m actually blogging again

Hi there babes, It’s (almost) the end of September which means that it’s officially autumn. And I’m so excited. Here it’s started to get a little bit colder, though today was an uncharacteristically warm and sunny day, but that’s ok, I’ll survive. I feel like I keep going on and on about this but this upcoming time of year is my absolute favorite. October through December are the best months of the year, and I know this is a popular opinion, but this is just such a cozy, festive, happy time. Cold outside but warm inside, fluffy sweaters, pretty boots, thick socks, blankets, candles, holidays, fun times, SNOW!!! I’m still a five year old when it comes to snow. I just love it. Don’t these things just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy? At least I get very excited when thinking about this.

So let’s talk about some things that have been getting me into the autumn spirit (like I need help)

group photo

I had so much fun photographing (with the crappy phone camera*cry*) in warm lighting and then playing with some settings to make it look the coziest ever. And be jealous of my socks please. My amazing grandma made these for me and gave them to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. They’re amazing, big and fluffy, and mismatching in amazing autumn colors. You’ll probably be seeing these in some outfit posts.

distroyed succulent

Also can we talk about the poor succulent which got assaulted by the cat.


Let’s take a look at these bits and pieces. I feel like black nailpolish is such a safe fall staple (this one is Lady in Black by OPI), and this essie glitterpolish is my favorite glitterpolish ever, it’s such a lovely warm bronze-gold and it’s called Summit of Style. Berry lips is my favorite thing to do during the autumn. I wear them a lot. a lot. These are Dark Side by MAC. This Excess Shimmer by Max Factor is a new item in my make up collection. It’s a super creamy cream eyeshadow in the shade 25 bronze and it’s such a gorgeous product that I’ve already worn loads in the week I’ve had it. It’s quickly on the way to become a staple for this autumn. Candles are obviously an autumn staple, but I don’t really have any exciting candles. I really want to go hunting for nice smelling candles which aren’t super expensive.
Lastly, look at this gorgeous dish I so artistically put my products on. Isn’t it just so very pretty? It’s another creation of my amazing grandma’s. She’s been making these for years and gives them to her grown-up descendants for Christmas. So amazing.

That’s all for now,
look out for my September favorites, they should be coming up in early October!

Until next time,


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