5 favorites in July

Who’s been a bad blogger in July? Me?
Yes. Yes I have.

The last post I made was a June favorites and this one is a July favorites. Oh man.

Well, let’s not dwell on that, but rather on the fact that it’s August. Happy August. The month that marks the end of summer. I for one am pretty excited to come into the fall in a few weeks. School’s starting for a lot of people (including me!!) and it’s an ideal time to start prepping for a fresh start. I love seasonal changes for cleaning out my stuff and/or changing something and diving into new projects with renewed energy.
Come at me August.

But, for now, let’s look back at the things I’ve been loving in July. July was the complete opposite of June for me. It was actually a rather bad month for me (as maybe apparent from the lack of blogging) except for the last week. I wasn’t really taking care of myself as I should’ve been, was feeling unmotivated and down. But I’ve torn my ass out of the slump and gathered some things I loved this month, which incidentally also were sort of the opposite of June’s favorites:

1. Nutella

Not my photo

This baby is dangerous. I hardly ever buy a jar because I inhale it in a few days. Which is why I didn’t have any to photograph.

2. My journal


Ok, first of all can we appreciate how freaking beautiful this notebook is? I got it in a bookstore back home (Eymundsson) around a year ago and had hardly been using it. It’s a paperblanks book and the cover is based on one of the books book collector Jean Govier had made for him personally.
In July I came upon the planning and journaling community on YouTube and was filled with inspiration. So I use this as a sort of journal/scrapbook/something creative outlet with spreads like these:


The one on the left is probably my favorite page I’ve made so far and the one on the right is an example of the random things I put in there.

3. Harry Potter


Don’t get me wrong, Harry Potter is always going to be a favorite. But I’ve just been extra into it this month. I was relistening (again) to the audio books and I’ve just been feeling all the feelings about Harry Potter. Oh and it was his and J. K. Rowling’s birthday on the 31.

4. Pretty Little Liars


Finally finally I caught up on this show. I used to always watch this show but then after one of the mid season breaks (I think it was in season 4) I just never came back. But now I’ve caught up and I’m hooked!

5. Maybelline the Nudes palette


The only beauty item this month! I’ve been loving wearing a little bit heavier bronze-gold eyelook centered around these colors:


This is a great palette for the price and I’m very impressed with the pigmentation for a drugstore palette.

Bonus: my kitty was super interested in my mini photoshoot


These were the things I loved this month and complete proof that I’m actually a huge nerd.
What were you loving this month? Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear.

Until next time,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vá, átt þú “kvótið” á vinstri síðunni í dagbókinni?

    1. Margrét says:

      Nei, ég fann það á pinterest 😉

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