Makeup challenge week 4 – the last week

So it’s been a week and a bit and we’re all done!

This challenge has been very fun yet very challenging. I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it, it’s the first time I’ve finished a long challenge like this (I also finished my fitness challenge so double whoop for me).

Day 22: makeup brushes
I don’t have too many brushes and I always have more on my wishlist but these are the ones I do have. And they’re all real techniques brushes. They’re just so cheap, yet good quality and super accessible. So I heart them loads.


Day 23: rainbow eyeshadow
Loads of fun and lots of color pickup problems.


Day 24: pastels
OK so I got a bit lazy. So I swatched my pastels for you.


Day 25 and 26: sunset and animal print
I did these at the same time but there’s already been a sunset look, so I went for a nature look in stead. These were so much fun to play around with.


Day 28: royal inspired
I had no idea what to do for this look but eventually settled on doing my favorite Disney Princess. On my cheek. Heh.


Day 29: dramatic look
Dark eyes, big lashes, red lips, dark brows, drama drama drama


Day 30: last day! Face of the day.
This is today’s look. And since its about a billion degrees out I’ve gone for a very simple look. Just a bit of coverage since my skin isn’t very happy at the moment, mascara and nothing much else.


So that’s it! All done! I had loads of fun experimenting with different looks and methods, which were your favorite looks? I had loads of favorites.

Coming up on the blog (and in my life) are some very exciting things so stay tuned!

Until next time,


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