Makeup challenge week 2

Week 2! I did better on instagram this week sort of!

Day 8: neutral makeup
This is my “no makeup makeup look”


Day 9: Summer makeup
I love this look. Nice dewy skin, pink lips and a pop of blue on the eyes (the blue was definitely not showing up as bright as it was irl).


Day 10: cat eye
Im so bad at eyeliner it’s weird, considering how much I use it.
But hey I managed to apply falsies!


Day 11: holy grail products
OK. Let’s be real. I have not tried enough products to have set in stone holy grails. However these are some of my favorites!
L’Oréal True Match foundation
L’Oréal So Couture mascara
Maybelline Color Drama in Berry Much
ELF Brow Kit
L’Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim
Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss


Day 12: a pop of color
I had a lot of fun with this one, both doing the looks and editing the pictures to bring the pop out some more. But the color didn’t translate perfectly thanks to my lack of an actual camera lol


Day 13: makeup pet peeves
I don’t really have any makeup pet peeves as such. I did a quick Google search for this one because I couldn’t think of anything and I was pretty weirded out by what I found. I’m a firm believer in that a person should be free to do what ever they want with their makeup. Just because there are some trends I don’t personally follow doesn’t mean I judge people who do (and neither should you). I was some people having a go at certain trends that they dislike and even at mistakes people make (like wearing the wrong foundation shade) and I just think we shouldn’t be judging each other in the makeup community because for me makeup is all about expression and art and how you want to portray yourself and that should be completely up to you.
So I guess that’s my makeup pet peeve. When people judge or make fun of each other for makeup.

Day 14: ombre eyes and lips
Yay ombre yay. I love ombre. Ombre me everything! Notice how I’m always late to the trends :’) and as usual my eyeshadow was not showing up on camera


So that’s week two! I think my favorites were the summer look and the pops of color, what were yours? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mæja says:

    Vá, þú ert ekkert smá klár í þessu:) Panta þig fyrir næsta stórviðburð!

    1. margretmango says:

      Takk Mæja 😀

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