How to: water marble nail art

Ok so I was having such a #throwbackthursday(wednesday) moment today and decided to do my nails water-marble style like I used to do all the time.


Even though I’m rubbish at getting proper patterns (just Google water marble nail art to see how amazing these can look) this still looks so cool, fun and summery and it’s super easy!

Here’s what you’ll need:


1. Nail polish of your choice.  I used my two favorite Essie colors mint candy apple and lilacism and a black OPI.
2. Toothpicks .
3. Tape (I like using washi tape because it’s easy to pull of the skin). You’ll need this to cover your finger because you’ll be dipping it in nail polish (pictured below). I have also heard that you can cover the finger in vaseline but I’ve never tried it.
4. Nail polish remover and cotton swabs, rounds or q-tips for clean up.
5. You will also need a small bowl of water which you can get nail polish all over. will not need a cat.

First cover your finger in tape thus:


Making sure that the whole nail is out.


Next you want to start dripping the nail polish onto the water. It will fan out as pictured above. Make sure the water is not cold because you don’t want the nail polish to dry on top of the water too quickly.


Ok this pic was super awkward because I was trying to balance both the camera and the nail polish applicator but basically you want to alternate colors (I liked doing two drops of each color) however you want and always drop the next color inside the last.

Next step is taking a toothpick and start “drawing” your pattern by dragging the toothpick around the colors. You could do a set pattern (like dragging the outside towards the middle or the middle towards the outside) or like me just do something until you get a pattern you like.
Then you just have to dive your finger in there trying to get the pattern you like onto the nail. I have found that I can’t really dip more than 3-4 nails at one go so I tend to repeat this process a few times over.
When the nails have dried somewhat you can start carefully peeling the tape off and do some extra clean up if needed.

If you’re using light colors but would like them to show up more vibrant on the nails (like they would after two or three coats when doing them normally) I’d recommend basing the nails with white or another light color.

I hope this tutorial made sense, but there are loads of videos on YouTube where you can see this method in action.

What did you think of mine? Do you prefer nails where there’s an actual pattern? Have you ever tried this? Will you? Let me know in the comments below.


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