30 day makeup challenge

Hey. Happy June (What???!!! JUNE??!!).

So I’m doing a thing this month. A 30 day makeup challenge thing. I saw someone on instagram (I think it was @mykie_ (she’s really great anyway you should check her out)) talk about how they did a 100 day makeup challenge a year ago. Now, I was intrigued; however a 100 days is a bit much. So I took to Google and found some 30 day challenges and picked one out that I liked.


I am by no means very good at makeup. I don’t have a lot of experience nor a lot of products. But that’s why I want to do this challenge. I want to learn (and what better way to learn than through trial and error) and I’m finding that my creativity needs a bit of a push right now. I’ll be doing a combination of wearable looks and more loud “crazy” looks.
I’m thinking that I’ll do weekly checkup-posts here and hopefully daily posts on my instagram. Oh and my insta will be super active this month cause I’m also doing blogilate’s stretch challenge, so stay tuned!
Wish me luck and tell me what you think. Would you ever do something like this? Have you? How did it go?

Until next time,


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