My Iceland trip

Ok you know how this went:

  • Me: Ok Margrét. You’re going home to visit everyone it’s gonna be great!
  • Myself: Yeah I’m super excited!
  • Me: Remember to take loads and loads of pictures!
  • Myself: Yeah, totally! It’s gonna be great. I’ll be so active on social media and the post-trip blog post is going to be awesome.
  • Myself: *Goes to Iceland*
  • Myself: 
  • Myself: *Takes like 10 pictures over the whole week*
  • Me: Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?

 So I didn’t take loads of pictures. Actually most of the pictures I took were taken in the first few hours of my travels. But I did have loads of fun.
Meeting everyone and celebrating my sister’s confirmation and Eurovision and just everything. It was all great.
The thing is that my extended family mostly lives on (basically) the other side of the country and usually on a short trip like this I wouldn’t have time to go see everyone, but because of my sister’s confirmation everyone was in town anyway so that was super great.

I mostly spent my time playing with my youngest siblings, chatting to family and helping preparing for the big party. That meant baking. Loads and loads of baking. because there was so much good food. So many cakes. All sorts. I ate nothing else for 4 days. It was glorious. Then, of course, there was Eurovision. I was in town for the Thursday semi final which was spent at my aunt’s house for our traditional Eurovision party. I had such a good time at that and it was so nostalgic because I haven’t always been at home for Eurovision in the last few years. The final was on the night of the confirmation so that meant one thing only: first of the leftover parties (and there were a few in the next couple of days).

All in all it was a great trip, so I thought I’d share a tiny bit of it with you in the form of a few of the very few (and low quality) pictures that I took.


Yeah, I told you there were very few.

Until next time,


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