Collective spring haul

Here are some bits and pieces I’ve been gathering the last couple of months with the spring and summer in mind. Some of these have been featured in blog posts before, but some you haven’t seen before.


  1. These sunglasses are from H&M. Classic aviators with gold rims and sort of blue-purple rainbow lenses. Super cool and cheap too.
  2. I felt the need to change my daily cleanser from the oil I was using before to something a little bit fresher and lighter, so I bought this Garnier cleansing milk. I’ve had one of these before, but it came in green packaging and had grape extract and it was soo nice, but I think it was discontinued (at least I haven’t seen one in a while) so I got this one, which is also nice.
  3. This Maybelline Color Drama in 140 Minimalist. I really, really love these lip pencils and this is a really, really pretty nudey-pink. Really, really.
  4. The Body Shop Shimmer waves in 02 Blush. This is a great multipurpose product. Blush, highlight, eye shadow. And gorgeous colors as well.
  5. Maybelline Color Tattoo in 40 permanent taupe. Just a really good gel/cream eye shadow in a very universal color. It can serve as the crease/shade color in lighter looks and base in darker.
  6. OK can we talk about the packaging of this product?? SO PRETTY. Honestly. But I swear that wasn’t the only reason I got it. My everyday mascara (Loreal Volume Million So Couture) was drying out so I needed a new one and everyone has been raving about this one (and the benefit roller lash, but “dass esspensiv”. This is the Maybelline Lash Sensational and it really is great.
  7. This necklace is from Lindex and it’s just really pretty.
  8. I’ve been needing a nice neutral, but portable eye shadow palette for a while and I stumbled across this one, The Nudes by Maybelline. Nice colors and it was really cheap.


Two more Essie polishes!!! Even though I’ve lived in Norway for like 4 months I got really excited when the polishes came to Iceland so I got a couple of celebratory colors. Just kidding! Even though that it’s super exciting that the polishes are finally available in Iceland, because they are really great and my favorites, I had already got these and I got them because I really wanted a couple of nice light spring colors. These are lilacism and mint candy apple.


Two clothing bits! Both from H&M (I’m Icelandic, I’m contractually obligated to shop there and nowhere else), both around the same length and both really light and nice.

So this is the stuff I’ve been purchasing over the last couple of months. If I don’t watch out I might actually become comfortable shopping (gasp)!

Until next time,


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