What’s in my carry-on – travel essentials

So tomorrow I’m leaving for Iceland! SO EXCITED! And I thought I’d show you what I bring in my carry on.


So this is my carry-on bag. The bag it self I got at Lindex around Christmas and is just a simple black bag (that will go with most any casual outfit, which is nice) and the best thing is that it’s big. See, I have a classic Mary Poppins syndrome; I really love to be able to pull just about anything out of my bag (and y’know, hoard stuff).
Now, on to what I bring on flights!

  1. My journal, planner and passport. These are things I always keep with me, just in case I need to jot something down or inspiration hits. And then there’s the passport. duh.
  2. Pens. Generally a couple of colors (or a lot of colors, so sue me).
  3. A small cosmetics bag, we’ll get into that later.
  4. Hand sanitizer. Gurl. Airports and planes are not the most hygienic. And it’s just annoying to have to keep going to the plane bathroom just to wash your hands.
  5. Earphones. Self explanatory.
  6. My phone and tablet chargers.
  7. Sun glasses. It’s getting sunny out, even in Iceland. You very well might need them.
  8. My wallet. You know, where I keep my money. And gum (gum is the biggest travel essential tbh).
  9. The love of my life, aka my tablet. I can do everything on this baby.

That’s what I tend to take on flights. Sometimes I’ll bring my kindle, but since I’m not reading anything in particular at the moment and I can pull it up on my tablet anyway it would just be extra, unnecessary weight. Oh and then there’s my phone.

So cosmetics. A couple of things:

  • I live about 2-2 1/2 hours away from the airport and my flight is at 8:30 so I have to get up at some ungodly hour.
  • The air in airplanes is not your friend. In fact it actively works to do nasty stuff to your skin.
  • That means that I don’t like to wear make up on flights and I need to take extra care of my skin.

That being said, this is what I bring in my cosmetics bag:


  1. Deodorant. It’s a nice way to freshen up after a flight and of course, to make sure you don’t stink
  2. Hand cream. This one is from the body shop. Great to keep your hands nice because they tend to get really dry, especially if I’m using the sanitizer a lot.
  3. Lip balm. Body shop. Just to make sure your lips are nice and chapped.
  4. Hair ties and bobby pins. For hair purposes obviously.
  5. Moisturizer and eye cream. I like to bring moisturizer to take care of my face during the flight and make sure it doesn’t completely dry out. The eye cream for the same reason. Oh and the whole getting up super early thing.
  6. Then I like to bring some minimal make up to apply when I land, because I think I might be going straight to meet some friends and might not have time to freshen up. So I’m bringing my Loreal BB powder to set my concealer and matte my face down a bit and with it a duo fiber face brush from real techniques.
  7. Maybelline fit me concealer.
  8. Maybelline lash sensational mascara.
  9. Oh and there’s a mirror in there too.

I also like to take little testers or something of perfume just to freshen up.

So that’s my carry-on. Thankfully this is a short flight so I won’t get too bored.

Until next time,


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