I’m loving

    1. This new of monsters and men music video

      I just. Yeah. I love it a lot.

    2. Uptown funk

      Now yes okay I know I’m late to the party on this one,  but am I the only one who thinks they grossly mis-released this song? Imagine if it was just being released now? Or a month from now? My guess is that it would’ve been the hit of the summer. Those are value songs, man. Don’t believe me? just watch! (heh) But it’s definitely spring hitter for me. It’s just such a feel good song.

    3. The super messy bun-gray, grunge day smokey eye look image
      I like to think I’m cool when I wear this look. Also I’m ridiculously unphotogenic, which is ridiculously annoying.
    4. This little kitty

      She owns my heart and soul these days.
    5. Bad CW shows
      spn tvd to
      100 arrow flash
      k so they’re not all bad per se but they’re definitely not the most quality tv out there but it’s entertaining enough. Now Supernatural was very good in the beginning but I fell off the bandwagon in season 8 and though I’ve tried to get back in I’m not being very successful. Maybe someday. The Vampire Diaries and the spin off The Originals are not really that good anymore. The Originals never was to be honest. The first 3 seasons of The Vampire Diaries were good as long as you forget the book series but it’s only been getting worse. Now The 100 I just binge watched and though it’s not the most quality I quite enjoyed it. Same goes for Arrow which I’m watching at the moment and next up is the spin off The Flash. All in all these are good shows to watch, just for the hell of it, for good entertainment, but not much else. And I love it!

In other news, this happened last night and I think I might cry:


See you on a sunnier day (hopefully)


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