Huge home-wear/decor haul and desk organization

Finally, finally. I promised this post a month ago and it’s been ready to go for around 3 weeks yet I’ve been sitting on it for no special reason. It’s the procrastinator’s way, eh?

I hope to be a bit more active the next few weeks than I have been the last few (that’s what they all say) and I have some exciting things coming up which I look forward to sharing with you guys. But first an announcement:

SPRING IS HERE! And I am SO excited. The sky gods decided to follow the western calendar this year and start it smack at the beginning of march and I couldn’t be happier. Yesterday we had a day that rivaled the best days of last year’s summer in Reykjavík. No joke. I’m throwing out all my scarves.

On with the post. I went a little crazy shopping for little bits and bobs (and one large bit and bob) to set up my battlestation. And then had a few photo sessions. And did a bunch of crafts (in my untidy, clumsy way obv).

First let’s look at my new desk/dressing table. And appreciate how p e r f e c t l y it fits between the closet and the wall. Goddamn. For those interested, this is Ikea’s Malm dressing table. It’s the table every beaty guru on the internet and their mothers use.


Then, of course, I had to get straws. Because what is life without straws? The first two packs came from clas ohlson, which is my favorite new discovery since moving to Norway (is that sad?). It’s an amazing and cheap “we sell everything(!!!)” store. The colorful ones are Ikea.

20150207_235051  20150207_235729(0) 20150207_235141

Containers and jars! That tiny trash bin (yes according to the label it’s a trash bin) you’ve probably seen in Tiger before. Pretty container, ugly color. It’s been hot-fixed with some glittery tape (see below). Someday I hope to spray paint it pretty. Two flower pots and a dish from Ikea. The pot that matches the dish is a pretty popular make up brush holder, but you’ll see what I did with it. I sprayed the white silver because of reasons. Three jars, also from Ikea. One for storage reasons, the two smaller ones for food reasons.

20150208_000112 20150207_234901 20150209_175714

Decorative tape is my new favorite thing!! So I bought a lot (heh, wasn’t I supposed to be decluttering?). Blue and pink tape packs from Ikea, 3 rad black tapes from tiger and Silver glitter tape, blue with cloud print tape and blue glitter ribbon from a local craft store I can’t remember the name of (whoops). And of course I had to get some pretty stones from Ikea and though at first I was on the fence they turned out to be super useful so yay.

20150208_000141 20150208_000203 20150209_175903 20150208_000020

And in Europris I stumbled upon this little gem. It’s a block of decorative paper. Very crafty. Very fun.


I’m constantly on the look out for scented candles so I’ve been picking out a few here and there when I can. I’ve yet to find a good place to find the classic yankee candles but I remain hopeful. I picked up the red and blue ones from Ikea and while the blue one has a delicious fresh coconut and mint scent, the red one is not scented and was a total accident. It was in a stand with a bunch of berry scented candles and somehow I grabbed the wrong one. Only me. I’m telling you. The white one is from clas ohlson and is a very classic chocolate and vanilla scent.


Then we decided (I can’t take sole credit for this one, it was Alex’s idea) to get an adorable little succulent plant. Which now lives (I hope) a good life in our window.

20150208_000447 20150208_000513

Voila! The end result. Pretty neat, eh?


It’s an organized mess, really. But I’m doing what I can with my limited space. Someday I’ll hopefully have a separate vanity and desk, but it is what it is and I think it’s pretty cozy. I’ve pumped up most of these bits with the decorative tape, glitter ribbon and stones. The ugly colored bin got stuck in the back as a pen stand (I tell myself it’s only for now), I incorporated the little dish for my jewelry (and headphones apparently), those little pencil holders are taped up toilet paper rolls and the little bits holder is the bottom of a cereal box. As decor I added my nic’s picks limited edition brush set packaging because I just think it’s so pretty, as well as my box of Berty Bott’s every flavored beans.

20150305_152314 20150305_152331 20150305_152350 20150305_152408

And to further decorate I taped my paper wands to the wall (click the link to see how to make these).


This is the vanity set up at the moment, Thankfully I have this amazing Victoria Secrets palette with a huge mirror, and while the lighting’s not great it will do for now. I had planned to buy a big mirror with pretty lighting, but I have nether the space nor the means at the moment.


And finally let’s look at my computer setup. This is super dyi and fun. The screen is an old BenQ of Alex’s which had a damaged stand and therefore fitted perfectly in my little corner and behind it is just enough space to store the tiny cheap little speakers we bought at clas ohlson. The keyboard is a crappy little logitech wireless, which I still have a little difficulty typing on, but I’ll get used to and while we share the razer gaming headphones, I get to use them most of the time.Then, get this, we TAPED the tiny little computer to the side of my table with double sided tape. SO RAD. And the computer is nearly invisible. So neat and perfect.

20150305_152519 20150305_152659 20150305_152707

So there we have it. My complete battlestation.

This has been a super long post so I won’t bore you with more today, and I’m off to do something super exciting!

Stay tuned,



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    Gott skipulag 🙂

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