I’m dying for a haircut. Actually I’m mostly dying for a new hair color. The cut itself I’m ok with though it’s damaged enough that the next time I go in for a cut they’ll have to cut about half of it off and bleaching it wont exactly help. I want it bleached in a salon but I’ve heard it’s ridiculously expensive here in Norway so I’m hoping I can get it done in May when I visit Iceland, so I’ll have to hold out until then. But then again, it’ll be just in time for summer so that’s fun.

And you know me I go scouring the internet for stuff I can’t have so have some hair inspiration.


ɑʜʀɪ | via Tumblr



. | via Tumblr



-jeanna- | via Tumblr

Black & Purple Ombre Hair Color

Blond & Blue Ombre Hair Color

Black to Pink Ombre Hair

Pink & Purple Ombre Hair

Lilliac/lavender hair. Strangely this is the colour of my hair right now but I wish it was longer and with these great waves.

Women always tend to dye their hair with a color which looks nearest to their natural hair color. Actually, you can also try out other colors like purple and the mysterious purple hairstyle will give you a stunning look. Compared with other bright colored hairstyles, you can wear the purple hairstyle for almost every occasion.[Read the Rest]

normally a pink hater, but this pale rose wig-like color has me wishing I didn't have an office job

25 Gorgeous Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

DIY Hair: Five Gorgeous Pastel Hair Colors

25 Gorgeous Mermaid Hair Color Ideas
I put this one in here mainly because this braid is freaking amazing.

I wish I could dye my hair a crazy color!

Bright blue hair! I just love the direction that "hair fashion" is going lately. No longer is the girl with bright blue hair seen as an outsider but a rather a confident woman expressing her individuality and creativity and personal identity. Love it!! <3

Grays, pastels and ombres are really in right now in the hair department and “crazy” colored hair is becoming less taboo which is great because you know what they say..


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  1. Mæja says:

    Blátt er minn litur. Ætla að fara í hár eins og á neðstu myndinni 🙂

    1. margretmango says:

      Algjörlega sammála! Hlakka til að sjá 😉

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