Moving and settling

My oh my, who knew moving was so exhausting? And who knew I had so much stuff?
Let me tell ya, trying to stuff two peoples’ whole lives into two 23 kg suitcases and two 10 kg carry on bags was a lot harder than I thought it would be. But after a sleepless night we took the 07:20 flight out of Keflavík hauling our (heavy!!!!) bags along.

The #airplaneselfie. This was around 7:10. We had gotten about 30 minutes of sleep that night. It’s the definition of fresh.

So since we arrived we haven’t done a lot of anything. We needed a couple of days to cool down after the stress of moving so that’s what we did. But we’re starting to settle in a bit now. I’ve unpacked the suitcases and today we went for a tiny little shop to get a few bits and pieces we needed. Tomorrow or the day after we’re registering as residents and later this week we might be going to Oslo and (I’m really excited for this bit) ikea to get a desk and some more bits and pieces. Am I the only one who thinks all these little bits are what really make a space your own?

Yesterday we crossed the border to go grocery shopping which will be a regular trip for us and there’s something so exciting to me about doing huge food hauls. I know I know it’s a weird thing to get excited about but I’ve spent the last 2 years doing almost daily grocery shopping which leads to a lot more impulse buying and, well, it’s simply very annoying. So the (circa) biweekly huge grocery haul is an exciting thing for me and my diet.

Up next are exciting things. For me and the blog. We’re setting up our prospective battlestations (desk/work area, keep up!) and mine will be featured on here as well as some of the dyi projects that come with it. Then, of course, as soon as all the documents and official stuff is in order the job hunt begins.
So stay tuned.



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