New year – new place – new start

Ah so here it is. 2015. And I’ll be honest I’m going the cliché route. “New year, new me”. (Let’s ignore for a moment that it’s already the 12th of January).
The thing about change is that it isn’t easy. And for most people it’s hard to just stand up one day and say “well now is the time I will do the thing“. Be it getting healthier, quitting smoking or just becoming a better person in any way. At least it is for me and a lot of other people I know. I do recognise that always waiting for a new start is slightly problematic and can lead to a lot of procrastination on varying levels and of course there are many who have the determination and will power to do just that, and they are most often the once that are the most successful, but for me, and many others, a new start is just the motivation needed. Additionally I’m completely changing settings. I’m moving out of the country, way out of my comfort zone, where I don’t know the language or the people. I am of course nervous, but I’m taking this as an opportunity for a new start (new me).
The important thing to remember when setting goals is to not expect too much of yourself. Don’t ask yourself to “from now on I will go to the gym 4 times a week every week”  if you’re not already regularly going to the gym. That, folks, is called setting yourself up to fail. Trust me, I’ve done it often enough. So do as I say not as I do and you’ll be fine.
So without further ado, I present:

My new years resolution(s), 2015.

**Do more for myself** Now this includes a few things, I want to take steps to become a bit fitter,  indulge in my interests and make them real hobbies and just feel a bit better in general.

  1. No more soda. I’ve cut soda out of my diet before and it really makes a difference in how I feel. I don’t really know why I started drinking it again.
  2. Study yoga. I experimented with yoga a little in 2014 and I just really think that it’s my kind of exercise and I want to take it further.
  3. Keep focusing on good skin, hair and nail care. Keeping with the cleansing route, to feel and look good from inside out. It’s no secret that taking good care of yourself, not only makes you look better, but also feel better (at least it does me). Healthy skin/hair/nails = pretty skin/hair/nails = happy nerd.
  4. I wanted to say to take more baths. But I know that I’m moving into a bath-less apartment (the horror) and staying there for probably majority of the year. So instead I’m keeping it at more pampering sessions. Nights where I use a hair mask, face mask, body scrub, the works! It just makes me feel so good and I can properly relax.
  5. De-clutter my life. I’m a notorious “random bits and pieces collector”. As well as a notorious mess maker and very quite unorganized. I’m going to try to work on all of these things and luckily I have a very good opportunity to do just that with the moving. I’m going to be quite hard on myself when packing, leaving a lot of stuff in storage and even throwing a lot of stuff away (that’s a big step for me). Then when I do get to Norway I’m organizing everything straight away. Avoid the “oh I’ll just put this here temporarily.” That sh*t will become permanent! I short: keep my environment clutter free for a stress free nerd.
  6. Read more books. I got a kindle for Christmas which I am ecstatic about. I’ve always been a reader but in resent years I’ve been reading less and less of stuff that was not mandatory for school (and fanfiction, I did read quite a bit of fanfiction). But, books!
  7. Meet more people. Leave my comfort zone when it comes to making friends. In the last two places I’ve lived I haven’t been doing this. I’ve met a lot of great people, for example my classmates in Kvennó who I love to death, but I haven’t been making the effort to make proper friends (ok that sounds like the friends I have made aren’t proper friends, they are, but what I meant was that outside of a school environment I wasn’t meeting up with them a lot). So I want to push myself to make that extra step, to find people who share my interests and try to make connections.
  8. Make more memories and take more pictures. I really should say, document more memories. And that’s where this blog comes in. I’ve decided to start fresh, and move it to English so that more people can read it. At some point in the year I would like to invest in a nice camera. This blog will then be one of my platforms to keep my memories (and all the random stuff).

So that’s it.
I know these might seem like a lot to some people, but I don’t think they’re too drastic.
Next up: moving!

Until next time,


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